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Private label branding is a great tool to grow your business, giving you the opportunity to acquire high quality products at a discounted price, to use or sell them as your own.

Owning a private label deal is one of the best steps to generate additional income, if done right it could double your yearly sales. A private label deal gives you the opportunity to create a brand of your business and become a distributor at the same time. In addition to the installation jobs sold, your company can sell products under your brand and generate even more sales.

Private label owners and contractors report about $65,000.00 additional income from product sales in the first year, by offering a range of innovative high end products under their company’s brand, private label owners saw an increase of 30% on sales of installation jobs as well.

Exclusive partnership rights and benefits

1. Reduced Product Price 2. Exclusive installation and selling rights, US only. (Restrictions may apply) 3. Complementary 3 months consulting on product and services advertising and promotion. 4. Gratis Lead generating Pay Per Click Page fully designed with the option to be managed by our advertising team at a fixed monthly rate.

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