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Epoxy Platinum

Posted: 28 Jul

Epoxy Platinum

From: $157.00


Epoxy Platinum “Strongest polyurea coating, to waterproof and protect your investments (Elastomeric & Environmentally Friendly)”

Cost $1.45 per square foot
One 2.5 gallon kit will cover 320 square feet. ($464.00)

  • High-Performance Coating Designed to Preserve Concrete and Other Surfaces
  • Excellent Durability and Chemical Resistance
  • Can be Applied Above or Below Grade
  • 20-40 Minute Working Time*
  • Fast Return to Service
  • 100% Solids Aliphatic Polyurea
  • No VOCs; Environmentally Friendly
  • Two Component Formulation
  • Color: Gray, White, Black, Brown, Green, Red (Other colors available including Clear. Please inquire.)
  • See technical data in the product catalog.
  • At a 10 mil thickness, one 2.5 gallon kit will cover 320 square feet

Epoxy Platinum is available in various sizes: 2 Quart Kits, 2 Gallon Kits; 10 Gallon Kits, and
Drum Sets (Call 959.888.2039 or Email: info@waterproofamerica.com to Order Drum Sets).

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